What makes a brand connect?

As we delve deeper into the complex world of branding, after having already looked at the visual and verbal language of brand identity and brand differentiation and brand positioning we are now going to explore an often overlooked aspect of branding, one that could potentially make or break your business. Scary? Yes. The potential to become the best brand you […]

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What makes a brand stand out?

As we saw in the previous blog post, the visual and verbal language of your brand’s identity plays a major role in how successful it will be. But have you though about what will make a consumer choose your brand over your competitor’s? What will be the differentiating factor in making sure that your brand […]

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What makes a brand successful?

Throughout modern history, countless great brands have come and gone, simply lost in the labyrinth of attempting to create a sustainable brand. What caused them to fail? What sets great brands apart? In this blogpost I will touch on a very important and valuable aspect of brand management that is part of the answer that […]

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