What makes a brand consistent?

In our increasingly hectic, digitally over-saturated world, how do you stand out from the crowd? What makes your brand unique? It is imperative to implement and Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) approach and to foster relationships with your customers through consistency and commitment. Let’s look at an example to illustrate the importance of IMC, what exactly it is and how it will ultimately benefit your brand.

Lorna Jane Brand Mantra Source: www.lornajane.co.za

Lorna Jane South Africa inspires women to achieve their best life through “Active Living” – a complete and simple approach to overall wellbeing and mindfulness. The brand mantra of “Move Nourish Believe” is implemented on all platforms and is even symbolized in the 3 square elements of the Lorna Jane logo. A brand of active and leisure wear designed by Women for Women with clothing for all sports and activities, the visual and verbal language hints at a more active and full life – how easy it is to become part of their community of happy, healthy women. The colours and designs are bold, fun and energetic to cater to their specific target market: young, adventurous women who care about their health and bodies but who have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid of making fun of themselves. Women who lead an active lifestyle but still enjoy quiet, relaxing days in between hectic lifestyles, creating that elusive work-life balance so many women strive for, especially when trying to juggle a career, social connections and a healthy body and mind . The daily motivational posts to live your best active life is an added bonus and goes well with the tone of voice and brand story behind Lorna Jane, as can be seen on their social media platforms and blog.

Lorna Jane South Africa Instagram Source: www.instagram.com/lornajanesa/?hl=en
Lorna Jane South Africa Facebook Source: www.facebook.com/lornajanesouthafrica/
Lorna Jane South Africa Twitter Source: twitter.com/LornaJaneSA

Lorna Jane set itself apart from its competitors by positioning and differentiating themselves through strategic planning and ensuring that their integrated marketing communication relays this in a consistent fashion. Through brand touch points, internal marketing and brand equity, long-term relationships between brand and customer are forged to create a mutually beneficial environment for both. Integrated marketing is implemented effectively and creates a clear and consistent vision of the brand.

8 P’s of the Marketing and services mix, Lorna Jane style:

  • Product – High quality, large variety designer active wear, packaged and branded to suit the target market (trendy).
  • Place – Online, high end shopping malls
  • Price – Upper middle class
  • Promotion – Free gifts with purchases, advertising online and social
  • People – Sales assistants
  • Process – Very efficient and with expert knowledge. They will make sure you get the right product for the activity that you are interested in.
  • Physical environment – Shops, sales people, all clothing, packaging etc branded the same (black, white, pink mostly).
  • Philosophy – Lorna Jane inspires women to achieve their best life through Active Living

These 8 P’s are all part of the recipe to create an effective IMC strategy and should all be considered when approaching the actual marketing of the brand. Personally I feel that Lorna Jane as a brand is mostly effective in this approach and is a good example of how to communicate a value proposition to an audience.

Video: She Is You

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2-vsLbjyH4&w=560&h=315


One area where they could definitely improve upon is looking into the quality of their online copywriting and editing. At first glance their website and Youtube channel highlighted two very obvious spelling mistakes, a big turnoff for a more elite brand who prides themselves on quality. All aspects of your brand should reflect your value proposition. The Lorna Jane blog with healthy recipes, motivation, exercise tips and tricks and events is a super nice touch and helps customers to communicate with the brand. All digital platforms promote the same messages, uses the same design elements and creates an emotional bond with the consumer. The Lorna Jane brand feels like a reliable friend and this is all thanks to consistency.

It is very difficult in this brand segment to really stand out as there are so many competitors. It is through holistic and strategic brand management that a product or service will get to grab the attention of potential customers and forge lasting emotional connections.

In conclusion, for your brand to stand out, it needs to show its unique value proposition in a consistent way across all platforms. Make sure that you reach and engage with your target audience where they are and make the emotional connection. This will create a successful brand with vibrant brand ambassadors who, through integrated, focused marketing created brand resonance with your target audience.

In the next post I will be taking a look at reputation management and effective brand portfolio management.


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